Malala Yousufzai

Story of a role model of every Women,every girls Pakistani Feminist Malala who raised her voiced for Women rights, education and her freedoms.


Short story-

Don’t know where to start I have no word to say about these personality she is inspiration of every girl, she is role model of every girl, even today in every girl she is alive… Malala yusufzai…

we will talk about Pakistani mover who voiced only for the education of girls , she gave her an even powerful voice,which can now be caught in every corner of the world .She is finally decided that she lasting her fighting for women rights.

Malala yusufzai was born on 12July 1997 in the Swat District of Pakistan into a lower- middle- class family. Her father name was Ziauddin Yousufzai a poet .He belongs to Sunni Muslim family . She is well known for human rights justification , overall the education of women and children in her inherent Swat Valley in Pakistan.

Yousufzai was a pupil at the all-girl Edgbadton High school in Birmingham. She studied Geography, History, Mathematics and Religious studies.Applying to Durham and London school of economics, Yousufzai interviewed at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford in 2016 December and received a conditional offer of three as in her a level; in August 2017, she was started to study Philosophy, Economics and Politics.

# Why she started fighting for rights of the women:-

Malala Says, she feel very blessed , yet she is not married. When you don’t get an education , your life is too much under control by other one. When there was terrorism and girls were stopped from going to school, her scare wasn’t that I would be arrested for stand up for. Her scare was that she would live a life in which she wouldn’t be able to be liberated , to get an education , either be the teacher or the doctor or anything she wanted. She scared the life that many girls are supporting through till just now.

#I have listed few her greatest and most definiting moments .

2011. Awarded Pakistan’s 1st Youth National Peace Prize :-

She won Pakistan’s 1st Youth National Peace Prize.This award fixed the status for the Taliban’s vendetta against her.

2012. Speaking out against the Taliban:-

Malala’s father ,who well- established a private school in Pakistan,her father always taught her to believe in Education improve.she began blogging enormously for the BBC in 2009 when she was only 11 about what it was like to Live under control of Taliban.

She couldn’t hide from the Taliban for a long time. One day on her school bus she was shot in the head by Taliban gunmen.she was flown to the UK alone to suffer surgery and was separated from her parents.

2013. She publishes her book I’m Malala and leaves Jon Stewart speechless:-

Malala’s book “I am Malala: The Girl who stood up for education and was shot by the Taliban ” quickly became a story bestseller.

2014. Malala wins the Nobel Peace Prize:-

Malala and kailash Satyarthi , a children’s rights activist from India won the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize.Both struggle against the suppression of children and right of all children to education.

2015. Malala is the Runner-up in TIME’s person of the Year Poll:-

Malala once against oppressed TIME’s poll. In 2015,she spoke at the United Nations acceptable Development Conference and released her narrative He named Me Malala- all time a high school junior.

2015. Malala and Emma Watson hang out and discuss feminism:-

Watson interviewed Malala before her documentary was released, and was particularly inspired by Malala’s calling herself a feminist.

2016. Malala advocates for Syrian refugees:-

Malala supported world leaders to set aside over $1 billion for educating Syrian children. She told Reuters, “we can still help them.we can still help them . Still they are not lost. They also need schools , teacher and books.

On a speech at UN she said, ” They thought that the bullets would silence us, but they failed. And then, out of that silence came thousands of voices…

Weakness,scare and hopelessness died, yet strength, power and courage was born .

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# Malala shot by Taliban.

On 9 October 2012, Malala was on the bus on her way home from school a “Bearded man” stepped into the road. Her bosom friend , Moniba thought her that he was a reporter and wanting to talk to Malala .

The masked man stopped the bus and asked, “who is Malala” No one answered .But few girls looked at Malala . She was only one with her faced was fully uncovered.

That when he lifted up a black pistol ,she wrote ,”some of the girls screeched. Moniba tells me I screeched her hand”.

Her friends say he fired 3 shots,” But Malala continued.” The 1st left went through my eye outlet and out under her left shoulder. She dropped into Moniba, blood coming from her left ear and so the next two bullets licked the girls next to her…..Her friends later told her that Gunmen hand was shaking as he shooted.

The bullet narrowly missed Malala’s brain and she was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, England. She spent nearly three months in the hospital and underwent various surgeries.


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