KISAN DIWAS : All about kisan Diwas

Kisan's who never go to lives her life for their own requirement, fulfillment always live for others needs they do work hard day & night no matter the wheather is cold or too hot.....!!Let them express my thoughts all about her .

They are our inspiration

In this article we will learn about “kisan Diwas” ,the national opportunity observed on 23rd Dec every year. On National Farmer’s day we solemnize the glory of the former prime minister of our nation “Chaudhary Charan Singh

It is celebrated across the nation with great passion and delight. On this occasion ,several function, sports tournaments,function around the cultural programme take place across the nation every year.

Why and when we celebrate Kisan Diwas ?

Now we will learn why to celebrate “KISAN DIWAS”:-

chaudhary charan singh

On 23rd Dec to the birth Anniversery of our 5th prime minister “Chaudhary Charan Singh”.Serving our nation from 28 July 1979 until 14 January 1980.He was born into a “Aryan Kshatriya family” on 1902 in village Noorpur, town Hapur , Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh.

Chaudhary Charan Singh

As per the principle of Chaudhary Charan Singh should be helped generously in education and healthcare also. For all of these, the first step is to raise up the living condition of farmers .Their abide croving on rain-nourished agriculture is doing alot of harm to economy.

The kisan Diwas ceremony is a programme to approach how significant is the role of farmers in social and economic development of our country .They need to be helped in education ,teaching in technical cultivation,learn storage & marketing of their produces and many more.

By all means the agricultural sector is taking care of our need but the association of our whole nation is required to work for the necessity of farmers . Farmer’s co-operative movement has gained pace in some developed states.

Kisaan Railly in Delhi:-

Kisan Railly In Delhi

An approxiamated 20,000 farmers led byBhartiya kisaan Union Leader Rakesh Tikait” walked from Haridwar to New Delhi with their demands/ neccessities involving loan disclaimer,razing of pending sugarcane payments & fulfillment of the Swaminathan committee report take place in Ghaziabad on monday evening.

The kisaan’s (farmers) have also wished for loan disclaimers and free of charge electricity for directing tubewells.They said the ” Pradhan Mantri Fasal Yojna” should be generated suitable to all yields and benefaction must be paid by government.

The other wants involvement the self-assurance of a base pay for farmers and a monthly pension of Rs.5000 for poor farmers those who finalized 60 years of age.They also have wanted reformation of families of farmers who had commited suicide.They also demand the diesel tractor should be put away of the realm of “National Green Tribunal” direction that have warranted the removal of all diesel vehicles older than 10 years from the national capital division.

Role of farmers in modern era:-

As we all already know that agriculture play a vital role in our lives.Farmers are responsible for the food that we see the food on tables daily as they fulfill our requirements of food. Agriculture has been a way of life.

We all also know India is an agricultural country almost 70% of the Indian peoples are farmers.And, we can say that farmers are backbone of our country.They produce commercialized musters and create basic materials for our organizations.
They all are dependent on the wheather of the state but the whole country depends upon farmers finished product”.

it is not just a job,it is a way of life…

Farmer’s income:-

Most of the farmers of our country are illitrate. They can’t read or write. Similarly, they are cheated by dealer.They rate money by buying and selling his crops/ products and he still happy if the crops/products are good but unfortunately if the crops fails her life becomes sorrowful.

holding soil with dollars

The life of farmers is very hard they all works day and night regularly in every season.Throughout summer,they works under the sweltering in the sun .While in winter season ,they do hard labor in spite of the icy winds blowing who made them chilled to their bones.

Poor condition of farmers in India:-

There are only few farmer who have their own land whereas other farmer work for the owner of the land. They all live on the sweat and clot of other peoples. They bring from the low cultivators fed up to lead a suitable life. Actually, they look to be part of a different race of men cooperatively.They well known by their very appearance.They look more deadly than enthusiastic.

Their is scarcely a wrinkle of smile on their faces and a beam of desire in their hearts.Mostly, we see them athirst and virtually unclothed.These poor peoples are probably backward they all labor in the present day but live in the erstwhile.


For the most of the farmers are comprehensible ,sincere, dedicated people.They forevermore hang out of the lifesaver of mother nature and our creator (God).

The administration has launched many procedures whereas the betterment of the farmers.Let’s mark that these betterment will literally fulfill the farmers.

Thank you..


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