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Dr.vivek Bindra’s Biography

Dr. vivek Bindra is a International electrifying Motivational Speaker and Leadership Trainer who was working towards empowering Indian businesses by sharing management solutions extracted from Shrimad Bhagwad Gita and also won the best Leadership Trainer Award by Dr. Marshal Goldsmith at World HRD Congress 2016.

Dr Vivek Bindra recieving Award
Dr Vivek Bindra recieving Award

Dr.Vivek Bindra’s personnel details
Real Name : Dr. Vivek Bindra
Date Of Birth : April 5, 1978
Birth Place: Dehli
Home Town : Dehli
Family background : Business feild
Height : 5.9 Feet
School : St. Xavier College Delhi (1999-2001)
College : Amity Business College Noida
Education : M.B.A.
Nationallity : Indian,Hindu
Marital Status : Married
Hobbies : Reading, Learning New Things and Cricket

About Dr.vivek Bindra

His childhood

Dr. Vivek Bindra was born on April 5, 1978 in Delhi.When he was only two and a half years old, his father died and his mother got married Second time . He did not got the love of both parents. His childhood was spent with great difficulty.

His Education

His initial education was done from St. Xavier College Delhi (1999-2001) and completed MBA studies from Amity Business College Noida. At the time of MBA’s studies, some of the teachers who were part of the guide, the spiritual Masters, gave him the Shri Mad Bhagwat Geeta a normal school as an ordinary child. After he chooses his Amity Business College located in Noida for MBA and he completed his master degree in 2001-2005.

His Acheivements

  • Today, there are over 7.7 Million subscribers on his YouTube channel.
    He has around 1,500 clients spread across 25 countries. .
  • He is the winner of best leadership trainer award by Dr. Marshal Goldsmith at World  HRD Congress 2016.

    Dr Vivek Bindra Awards
    Dr Vivek Bindra Awards
  • He was conferred with the Honorary Ph.D. degree, Doctorate of Philosophy from OIUM University of Colombo
  • Dr. Vivek Bindra has been felicitated with India’s Greatest Brands and Leaders 2015-16 Award in a ceremonial function hosted by Price Waterhouse Cooper.
  • He has been awarded as the best motivational and keynote speaker in India by the ‘International Association of Lions Club. This is one of the recognition among many others been conferred upon him.

His Journey

  • When Dr. vivek bindra decided of doing something new in business. He thought that everyone wants to do business or doing business, but why people did not got success in their business? This was the question that led Dr.vivek bindra on the way towards its carrer.
  • For the first 1-2 years of launch, no client came to him. The ideas of Vivek Bindra were designed in such a way that whatever he applied ,he got 100% Best Result. The happiness of Dr. Vivek Bindra was not be consoled.
  • Whenever anybody asks Bindra about his past, he says that his life, has been very struggling in the beggining but time had passed and now he grew and went ahead in his life.  “And the most important thing is that he never gives up”

His Income

Many people want to know what is the salary, income or net worth of Vivek Bindra. The first thing is that Making money from Adsense on Youtube According to a full research, income of more than 2 million can be income And besides whatever other training programs are doing, the income will be more than the monthly 25 lakh. Friends, this is not a perfect number, just the estimated figure.

To help more and more people

Dr Vivek Bindra Clients
Dr Vivek Bindra Clients
  • He started his own office and started marketing himself.
  • He released some books, which were kept offline and online everywhere but his books did not get such success. Books were giving average results, but Vivek used to deliver the best result to the customer who worked with him…
  • Vivek started his Youtube Channel on 6th December 2013 to share his knowledge and experience to the people, where he used to share motivational videos in English. But this channel did not work much.
  • Dr. Vivek Bindra started making Business and Case Studies ,videos according to the choice of his subscribers.
  • After success on Youtube, he started his own Leadership Funnel Program where his client got full training for business. All businessmen started benefiting from this program.
  • Vivek Bindra made his own team. Bindra was able to easily reach the people because of his team’s formation. He called his YouTube channel Free Learning University, where anyone can learn Business in Free.
  • Dr. Vivek Bindra is doing a lot of work but not just one. For instance Youtube, as a CEO Coach, Business Trainer, Motivational Speaker etc.

Dr. Vivek Bindra as a writer

Dr. Vivek Bindra  also works as a writer and wrote several books, but books do not get average results. His books are available online and offline both the modes in any book store or online in any e-commerce website you get it. After all, Dr. Vivek Bindra wants to give the best result to the customer whoever will work with him.

He has written more than 10 power motivational books, with more than lakhs of copies sold. From leadership to inspirational sales stories, Dr. Bindra has pen down his learnings and experiences magnificently. His books are available at all leading online platform as well as bookstores across the country.

Lesson he got from SHRIMAD BHAGAVAD GITA

Dr Vivek Bindra explaining Bhagwad Gita
Dr Vivek Bindra explaining Bhagwad Gita

Geeta had a great influence on his life after reading the Gita, his whole life had changed. Dr. Vivek Bindra explains that he learned all theories from Bhagavad Gita. Arjuna asked in Bhagavad Gita and Krishna replied. The Gita has answered all the questions of life. It was pronounced in all religion like Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian etc.

Dr. Vivek Bindra as a Youtuber

  • On 6th December 2013, Vivek Bindra started a YouTube channel to share his experience with the people.
  • He started making motivational videos in English. But this idea of video making in English was not worth and he did not get a result with his channel.
  • Now, he is in the search of doing something new with his experience and started a case study video on popular brands . And making videos motivational and business related videos in Hindi, Then his channel grows in few days also resulted in the rising up of his carrier .
  • His Hindi videos channel proved better than his English videos, And peoples learned better through his Hindi videos. Now the graph of his channel increasing and reached the top level of our country.

    Dr Vivek Bindra as a youtuber
    Dr Vivek Bindra as a youtuber
  • While seeing the demand of Dr. Vivek Bindra’s videos in the market he started making Leadership Funnel Program ( LFP) where his clients got complete training of business.
  • After all of this, He did team’s formation of his own. Which enabled him to reach the people because of his success. Every businessman started benefiting from this program. He called his own Youtube Channel Free Learning University, where everyone can learn business tips, success ideas free of cost.
  • And in todays date you can see 7.76 Million+ subscribers on his Youtube channel.
  • His success graph increasing as the day passed. Vivek most of the seminar paid due to which everyone can attend his seminar. Everyone can learn a lot from his videos in free, and now he is going to every city in the country and give his seminar.
  • He is now the top best motivational speaker of the country.

Dr. vivek Bindra’s videos

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  • Dr. Vivek Bindra’s high motivational videos have million viewers from 190 countries. Further, his Youtube channel has around 77 Lakh+ subscribers across the Globe.
  • Dr. Vivek Bindra says that skill was given to Arjuna by his Guru Dronacharya in his childhood.
  • Shri Krishna gave Arjuna the Will Power. In the same way Skill is inside us but willpower comes from Bhagavad Gita.
  • Dr.vivek Bindra told in one of the videos that Dronacharya taught Technique to the Pandavas. And Shrikrishna taught Arjuna to build Attitude.

Dr. Vivek Bindra Leads A Unique leadership Funnel Program

Dr Vivek Bindra Leadership Funnel
Dr Vivek Bindra Leadership Funnel

Dr.Vivek Bindra leads the revolutionary Six-month Leadership Funnel program, which is based on the challenges, nitty-gritties and alterations required to run a successful business organization in today’s world. Further , the program is based on the principles of Ancient Vedic sculpture- Shrimad Bhagvat Geeta.

Features of leadership funnel

  • 5 Full Day Live Sessions with Dr. Vivek Bindra in 6 Months
  • Competency Analysis: Framework of Strengths And Weaknesses
  • Learn Potential Maximization by Mindset & Performance
  • Maximization by Skillset Talent
  • Progression by Potential Performance
  • Matrix Reasons and Remedies of CEO Failures
  • Dedicated 2 hours Q/A Session with Dr. Vivek Bindra
  • Scalability and Sustainability Solutions for Business Expansion
  • 50 Video based Assignments in 25 weeks with Coach Support
  • Summarized Post Reading Material with every video assignment
  • Case Study based Assignments (1 assignment every month for 6 months)
  • Hand holding Support with Online Learning Platform
  • Technology Enriched Engagement Model- WhatsApp & SMS24x7
  • Time Flexibility for completing assignments
  • Pre -Tests and Post-Tests
  • Assistance Participant
  • Workbook & Questionnaire
  • Leadership Certification on Individual Assessment
Dr. Vivek Bindra Acclaimed Leadership Trainer & CEO Coach
Dr. Vivek Bindra is an internationally acclaimed leadership trainer and a CEO coach. He has successfully provided coaching to various industrial leaders, which, has further helped them in achieving their career goals and achievements.
Idea of Bounce back series   
Dr VIVEK Bindra Bounce Back
Dr VIVEK Bindra Bounce Back
Bounce Back Series is an Extreme Motivation and Peak Performance Seminar by Dr. Vivek Bindra – Motivation Speaker, Leadership Consultant, Business Coach. Some major key learnings of bounce back series are as follows :


Key Learning of Bounce Back Series

  • Identify your ‘Limitless Limits’ for Path breaking Success.
  • Discover the key to identify, Understand, Analyze and Re-Orient your Belief System Accelerate your Peak Performance Productivity Index Develop a Laser Sharp Focus to Achieve Your Goals Explore, Engage & Maximize your Inner Unlimited Potential,
    How to convince others and Handle Crucial Conversations?
  • How to Build a High Performance Team?
  • How to Increase your ROI in Business?
  • How to Remain Ahead of your Competitors by Leveraging Your Unique Signature Strength?
  • How to Plan Strategic Execution of Short-term & Long term Goals?
  • How to Handle Crucial Conversations through Emotional Intelligence?

Vivek Bindra’s Quotes

Leadership is about taking responsibilities, Not Making Excuses.

If you try to be the best you’ll be number one, if you try to be unique you’ll be the only one!

Teacher and the only difference in life – the teacher takes lessons teaching exams – life test teaches the lesson.

Why to bother you if people do not understand you, do not worry if you need to when you do not understand themselves.

Stop trying to fit in, When you were born to stand out!

               Vivek Bindra’s Quotes

When you face failures, Don’t change your goal, Change your strategy!

Attraction to Distraction Drifts you away from your goal!

You have the power to choose how you feel! Allow Yourself to think differently!

Don’t Fix your problems, Fix your Thinking, Then Problems will Fix Themselves.

The wish can write their own destiny on the strength of its confidence and effort and if we’ll circumstances write our destiny when it comes to writing your destiny.

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