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This post is about American business magnate, programmer, inventor CEO of Microsoft Bill Gates .


Success Story

We learn many successful stories of many peoples. Today, we talk about one of our inspiration who start from a little and now became a succussful person of world,He is co-founder of Microsoft Bill Gates.

Bill Gates was born on 28 October,1955 in seattle in a family having rich ,business and political and service background. His great-grandfather was a state legister , and his grandfather was state legister and mayor also.His father was a lawyer and mother was a teacher.

All know this that without struggle is impossible to get success.Gates is also one of them who always believe in hard work to achieving his goals. And ,he also believe that-

If you are intelligent and know how to use your intelligence,you can reach your goal

Bill Gates and his friends were too much curious in computer and programmers group in late 1968. For being in this group , they both set up a different technique to apply their computer skill in University of Washington. And in the upcoming year , they got their first achievement in Information Science Inc. in which they were nominated as programmers. ISI (Information Sciences Inc.) agreed to provide them royalities ,everytime it build money from any of groups program. As a result, of business deal,signed with Information Science Inc,the group also become a legal business.

Gates and his close friend Allen build a new company of their own Traf-O-Data .They both established a small computer to measure traffic flow, and also from this project they gained approx $20,000. The era of Traf-O-Data came to an end point when Gates left his college. He did not know what to do so he decided to applied his name for Pre-law. He took the standard freshman courses with the exception of marked up for one of Harvard’s toughest mathematics courses. He did his best there , yet he could not obtained it finning too. And he spent many deep twilight in front of the school’s computer and in another day he asleep in class.

After, leftover school,he almost lost himself in computer. Gates and his friend Paul remained in bosom contact even on the other hand both were apart from his school. They both authorized to take up recently different ideas for future plans and the chances of starting a business one selected day.

In the end of Bill’s 1st year, his friend came close to him so that they could follow some of their ideas . In that summer they both got job in Honeywell. Allen also kept on rushing Bill for starting a new software company. After passing a year, creates dropped out from Hardvard. Afterward he formed microsoft concept is:-

A computer on every desk Microsoft software on every computer.

Since childhood Bill is creative person and work too hard to obtain his dream. His imagining in high intelligent hard work has place him where he is today. He never believe in just luck or God ‘s good will, but mere work hard and competitiveness always. Microsoft is too good competition for other software company and he will carry on to challenge the competition before he dies. He always like to take part in the game of fortune and game of planet rule . His belief are so strong which always motivated him increase his funds and his firm in the business.

Gates is not a selfish person , Altogether he giving person service when it comes to computer , internet and any type of capital. Some years before, he goes Chicago’s Einstein Elementary School and stated gifted beneficating Chicago’s schools and Museums where he distributed a total of $110,000, a collection of computers , give them internet connectivity to number of schools. Secondly, Gates distributed 38 million dollars for build up of a computer institute at Stanford University.

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#Learned lesson From Gates:-

1.Either change the world ,or go back home:-

                   Always he lives to build a better world, whether its one version , one platform, one system, one idea, one cause , one innovation at a time.

2. Humanities greatest advances are the once:-

Gates always has a powerful belief that “All lives are equal value, help those who can’t help themselves”. They says,they learned a lot at Harvard about new ideas,politics and economics.

3. Live Your Values:-

When you let the world know what you are about, you become a lightening rod and you attract people with the same values .At Microsoft ,Bill Gates attracted people with a passion for changing the world and joining him a journey to help create and better lives through technology and innovation.

4. The best gets better with the right people:-

Don’t go it alone .You are better when you have got the right people around you. Bill built a culture of the best and brightest and was good at convincing his friends . Such as Paul Allen and Steve Ballmer to join him on his adventure.

5 .Innovation is in heart and soul of business:-

Its about bringing ideas to market and applying research. If you don’t innovate you die. The world keeps changing to stay ahead of the game, or even in the game, you have to keep innovating- innovate in your products, innovate in your process and in the markets etc.

6. Be platform:-

Be the platform people can build on.

7.Be a better system:-

Don’t just solve a one-off system. Find create or leverage system. There’s always a system, whether it’s at the micro-level or the macro-level.

8.Build on ecosystem:-

On creating partners for us ecosystem ,he says “our success has really been based on partnership from the very beginning”.

9.Take care of people:-

He set a strong example of taking care of employee, from private offices of developers to creating a workplace of extreme empowerment and passion.

10.You don’t have to be first to win:-

Microsoft has had its success by doing low-cost products and constantly improving those products.

11.Toughest feedback to hear, is the feedback you need the most:-

Bill says, “your most unhappy costumer are your greatest sources of learning . He always says, You’ve got to want to be in this feedback loop where you get the world -class people to tell you what you’re doing wrong”.

12.Frame the problem:-

“Framing a problems and you show them the solutions they will be moved to act” . Framing also helps you get a better prospective on the problem, as well as share the problem more effectively with others.

13.Technology is just a tool:-

Bill always says, “Technology is just a tool, with regarding getting the kids working together and also motivating them, and the teacher need to be important”.

14. Empower people:-

Always place the right information into the hands of the people that can make the most of it.

15. Go digital:-

Connect people, process and technology create a digital landscape or a virtue of world to reduce friction to create the new possibilities.



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