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Who is Carryminati

If you are interested in the game, fun videos. Then, you definitely heard the name of Ajey Nagar (Carryminati)   an Indian Youtuber or just Carryminati, who uploads commentaries, roasts, rants and reaction videos on his YouTube channel, which currently holds over 4.3 million subscribers with 440 million total video views. His name comes under top YouTuber of our nation.

Ajey Nagar with his silver button
Ajey Nagar with his Silver button

Personal life:-

Ajey Nagar ( famous for the name Carryminati) born on 12 June 1999 in Faridabad, Delhi. Still, he lived in Delhi with his family ( mother, father and one elder brother). He does not share much information related to his family. He completed his schooling from Delhi Public School ( DPS) situated in Delhi. And, he drops out 12th.
When he was giving his 12th board examination he prepares his economics paper and came to his father and said ” Papa mujhse NH Hoga ye”. His father smiled and say ” Tujhe jo krna h kilo”….on hearing this sentence he chooses his passion and went ahead.

He was a fifteen-year-old boy when he first started making YouTube videos. Recording gameplay of games such as CS: GO and uploaded them on his YouTube channel which was called AddictedA1 at the time.


STeaLThFeArzZ is a Youtube channel started by Ajey Nagar (Carryminati) we can say that this is the platform of Ajey Nagar from where he starts his career. He uploads videos in this channel like “MAC TRANSFORMATION PACK TRIAL (BEST)”, “FIFA 11 patches 1.1” And “swift shader 3.0+2.0 TUTORIAL”

2nd Channel “Carryminati”

CarryMinati is a fun-to-watch, entertaining and funny YouTube channel. He uploads satire-comedy content in which he roasts other YouTube Channels in a funny way.
Ajey Nagar started his next YouTube channel name “Carrydeol” in 2014. After a few years later he changed the name of his channel “Carryminati” in the year 2015. The first videos in his channel “Carryminati” were COD GHOST RANT in Hindi. He posted COD GHOST RANT video he uploads another more video with the titles (INDIA CS: GO )in this video share the problem he had with the game when he played it multiplayer.

Above all of these, Ajey posted the videos started making RANTs of viral videos on Youtube which was not making a lot of views. Until he uploaded his video ROASTING BB KI VINES this was the first video which crossed 1,00,000 views. Later he uploaded 7 more different videos within few months his channels shrieking and reached 50,000 subscribers in 1 month. Finally in the year (2016) his channel booming and approx 230,000 subscribers on his channel. Currently gaining 3k subscriber daily.

” Carryminati” is now one of the most unique and entertaining videos of YouTube we all have seen ever.
“Carryminati ” is also known for making his own rap music videos, often parodic and satirical of the “bakchod” artists he mocks in his content where he always showed great and mind-blowing performance.

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Some of his videos 

  1. Bantai rap − Balle Balle
  2. Starboys − The Weeknd
  3. Bahubali On Cycle (Bahibali Parody)
  4. Ae Rupali (Success Story Of A Cringe Pop Artist)
  5. Charas Ganja (Success Story Of A Cringe Pop Artist)

3 Strikes On His Channel

Ajey Nagar uploaded a video named “THE KISSING INSANITY” which RANT of his channel titled “Baap Of Backchod” on August 9th,2016. In an hour uploading his video, he attained strikes on “Baap Of Backchod” for holding infraction, this was his 3rd strikes on his channel “Carryminati” that means he had banned from Youtube. And, another 2strikes were from an artist “Bhim Niroula” for deforming him. After a few days later, Bhim Niroula took back his both strikes but the reason kept unknown. Thenceforth, he was capable to continue his channel.


In the middle, of his career booming time, people were talking about the affairs of “Carryminati”.He thinks that something went going in between “Ajey” and “Pardesi Girl”.But in an interview, he said: ” We are only just friends” in video REACTING TO:: GETTING FAMOUS WITH BB KI VINES:: at 15:48 after that he sure that they both are only talking each other related about his own channels.


Ajey associated with Nazar Battu Productions in Roast Of NAZAR BATTU, Nazar Battu – What sells on YouTube? Feat. CarryMinati and Nazar Battu – Bilal and Junaid | Teachers’ Day. If you watched these all there will be more collaboration with these two channels in the future.

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Subscriber Milestones

1 million subscribers: May 3, 2017.
2 million subscribers: October 29, 2017.
3 million subscribers: April 16, 2018.
4 million subscribers: August 21, 2018.
5 million subscribers: December 11, 2018

Craze of Ajey Nagar
Ajey Nagar

Fan Following

Ajay fan is very active about him and is very loyal, and completely big, minimum 5million people subscriber his channel. And his fans found all over Indian Youtube and always comment on his Channel in Carryminati’s style.

Subscribers On Social Sites

3.8 million subscribers on YouTube

800K+ followers on Instagram

580K+ followers on Twitter

Ajey Ngar taking selfie with his fans
Ajey Ngar taking selfie with his fans

Awards And Achievement


  • A fan fest in 2017 organized which took place in Mumbai, had all top Youtubers invited among all Ajay Nagar also included. On this fest, Ajay was the youngest person of all of these.
  • Today’s he has silver and Gold buttons which were given him on 1 million subscribers and 1lakh. This all shows about the hard work of Ajay Nagar.
  • Ajay is always active on Social sites. That the reason, he has more than 600 thousand peoples follow on twitter. Besides this 500 thousand people liked his Facebook page.
  • Ajay channel crossed 36 lakh subscribers today and now his videos have been seen more than 40 million times.
  • Ajay had the rant and roast Indian Youtuber Of Bhuvan Bam. Roasting BB ki vines his first video which crossed 1lakh views.


Carry.Live is an youtube channel created by carryminati Ajey Nagar.

Some of his videos are:-

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