abby viral biography
Abby viral biography
Hey friend, today we will talk about Abby Viral an inspirational icon for youths, his ways of thinking and his dedication have inspired everyone. We all know this person very well he is one and only our Abhinav Prateek whom we knew him as Abby Viral . Abby Viral is an Indian YouTuber & now a successful entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, musician, Poet, blogger, motivational rapper his raps are amazing everyone is fan of him and of his raps…

Abby Viral Biography

Abhinav Prateek was born on 11 May 1994 in Delhi. He did not want to make a career in education, engineering or something like that. Once he asks a question to his mother that in which profession there is huge money her mother replied Aeroplane’s pilot earn much but for that, you need to work hard and study more. He didn’t want to study hard. Also, he didn’t want to make a career in the educational field. From the childhood only he eagerly wanted to earn more and more money. Abby Viral want To became a Rich man since his childhood, he was a very lazy boy in his childhood but always think big, always want to do something new something different. Education Abby Viral has completed his schooling from Kamal Model high school . He was interested in poetry since his school time he is the very crazy boy. He completed his 12th from science stream. In second year of engineering he drops out.
abby viral biography
abby viral biography
Family He belongs to a small and middle class family. His father’s name is Mr.Ashok Kumar Jha , he is a lawyer in Delhi high court.           His mother Ranjana is a teacher in a Government school. In short, we can say he came from a well-educated family where all the members of his family are in Government jobs but decided to do business because he did not want to do any kind of job. He told his father that he wasn’t doing any type of job and wants to start his own company .Everyone was against him. His father told that they won’t give money for any start-up or business to get paid for studies only, but he did not leave the passion of fulfilling his dream. he never lose them.
abby viral biography
abby viral biography

Abby viral Career

    After completing 12th in maths he drops out in the middle of the first year and started doing the job . His first earning was of RS 1800 but he thought that he worked whole month , worked hard but the earning was very low. Instead , he was very happy for his first earning. In 2014, he started a gifting company only Rs 8000 for selling his mobile named Today’s this is the best gifting company in India. The tagline of Huppme is “we Touch Emotions” He has a YouTube channel also , with the name Abby Viral where he uploads motivational videos which also contains his raps and songs…
abby viral biography
abby viral biography
Story Behind According to him , his friend gifts him a luxurious watch of around RS 4000 on his birthday but on his friend birthday, he can’t decide what to give him because his friend gifted him an expensive watch. That time he thought that in our society there is a big problem”Everyone Measure The Gift Price No One Can Measure The Gift On The Basic of Love or Emotions” so he decided to start a gifting company and show the Emotions behind the gift and he started doing well.

Two Incidence in Abby Viral’s life :

In short, When Abhinav start his E-commerce website that time he works as a delivery boy in his company , because he had not enough money to hire a delivery boy and he went to pick a gifting mug but unfortunately he had only Rs15 in his pocket and the fare was equally he go from bus but he had no money to come back , So he kept that mug of 26 kg on his head and in hard sunshine he come on a foot, and in the meantime their shoes were riled, they say, “All the trouble comes together when your time examine you. 2nd story In starting his gifting company as he was work as a delivery boy. He and his team use to deliver birthday gift even at 12 at night, once the whole tough cold was done, the innovation had quarreled from the house for their business start-up and the clothes were lying at home, and some of the cold clothes that were left in their hostel were abandoned because when he dropped out his college they had come out of the part, so their friend gave up their jacket he took bike and went out on a bike in the cold , and they had a very high fever when they arrived, when the man touched the hand at the time of delivering the birthday cake, man said that you have a very high fever still you came to deliver my birthday cake . In such condition also your boss ordered you to come he replied no. I needed some money so I came. The man put Rs 500 in his pocket. This two most interesting story of Abby Viral life… that motivates everyone. “When you are willing to be diligent, you cannot stop any circumstances.”

Abby Viral Quotes & Success Mantra


Abby Viral Quotes

Apne sapno ko chase din Raat Karte Hain Kamiyabi unhi ko multi hai jo shuruvaat karte hain Mai junoon hoon, Aur himmat behisaab hoon Mai hazaro baar fail hua, isiliye aaj kamiytab hoon

abby viral biography
abby viral biography

Saare secrets aapko pata hai, Fir bhi anjaan ban kar kyu rote ho

Kamiyab hoke aap behtar insaan nahi bante, behtar insaan ban ke aap kamiyaab hote ho

Jab seene me jigar ho, aapko koi dara nahi sakta Khud pe yakeen rakkho, fir aapko koi hara nahi sakta

Ye patthar aur rukavatein bhi aapki journey ka kissa hain Ghabrao mat, Nakamiyabi bhi aapki kamiyabi ka hi ek chota sa hissa hai

6.Jo dusron se jeet jaye vo takatvar hai, Aur jo khud se jeet jaye vo sarv saktimaan hai.

Unki aankhon me sapne, man me jeet ka ehsaas hote hain Winners bhi aap log hote hain, bas unke sapne khaas hote hain.

abby viral biography
abby viral biographyabby viral biography

Poori shiddat se mehnat karo, raaton ko bhi jaagte raho Bahadur bano, khud pe yakeen rakho aur bhaagte raho…

Hight chahe kitni bhi ho, hum har uchaai pe chadh sakte hain Hum hindustaani hain yar, hum kuch bhi kar sakte hain!

Winners ke pas results, loosers ke pass sirf tark hain Sapne dekhne valo me aur sapne poore karne valo me bas mehnat ka fark hai

Abby’s success mantra

  • Improve Your knowledge
  • Always upgrade Yourself.
  • Be Motivated
  • Networking (Always surround with wise people the positivity, knowledge, thoughts ideas will flow and you have many opportunities to grow)
  • Don’t Give excuses
  • Utilize Your time
Some interesting facts about Abby Viral
abby viral biography
abby viral biography
  • He run his own gifting company name
  • He started his gifting company only a limited amount Rs.1800. And now this company is the best gifting company in the country.
  • His dream car Lamborghini Avandator plan to buy in the last of this year , where the price of his dream car is Rs.( 5.01) crore.
  • His first income from multi National Marketing (MLM) which was Rs.1800.
  • Currently he had a scooty named Honda Navi.


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